Principal Message

 “The need for quality engineering education to produce skill based engineers”

In 19th century most of our human works were carried out by traditional machines in industry such as mechanical mills, and in agricultural sectors ploughs, bullock carts, tractors, etc.

In 20th century technology was partially developed and used by engineers in industry.

In 21st century, there is dearth of qualified engineers and lack of required skills to work on sophisticated intelligent machines in various industrial sectors in and around the globe. Hence, “Engineering Colleges” called “Knowledge Hubs” flooded and the computer has become a back bone to the engineering and technological industrial world. Therefore, advancement in engineering and technology and human resource development is playing a pivotal role in the nation development. Much importance is given to the role of engineers and technologists in various applications involving computer software and information technology, electrical and electronics. Globalization indeed offers great opportunities for the engineers to perform well on a larger platform and thus have a greater scope of exhibiting their scientific research technical—technological cognitive and other skills. The main factor which decides the production of such quality engineers remains in providing good engineering education. In order to face these challenges, in the year 2009, GITAM Women Engineering college was established and offering best engineering and technology programmes in 4 years undergraduate Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Degree, and 2 years postgraduate Master of Technology (M.Tech) Degree and also 3 years Polytechnic – Diploma course across the state. Since then, GITAM has concentrated on providing industry ready engineers to the society. Today the alumni of GITAM are placed in various organizations especially in giant software industries like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HP, etc in India and abroad. The faculty and staff of GITAM are well qualified and eager to give quality education and acquire skills to the students. A well maintained congenial atmosphere campus also adds to the good academic ambience. Apart from the academics, many opportunities in the form of co and other extracurricular activities are provided for the students to develop further.

                                                                                                                           Dr. V. Rama Raju., PhD

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